Physician Education: Bridging Clinical Research and Patient Care


Donna M. Jacobsen
Member, Board of Directors
Executive Director/President
Executive Manager
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)
E-mail: djacobsen“at”

Jay Batley
Operations Manager
E-mail: jaybatley“at”

Kevin Bowen
Scientific Program Manager, CROI
E-mail: kbowen“at”

Annaliese Denton-Mak
Associate Project Manager
E-mail: amak“at”

Daniel Garcia
Web and Production Assistant
E-mail: dgarcia“at”

Chloe Goodrich
Accounting Manager
E-mail: cgoodrich“at”

Rob Jacobsen
Registration and Communications Manager
E-mail: rob“at”

Charlotte Knabel
Associate Editor
E-mail: cknabel“at”

Rachel Lastra
Associate Editor
E-mail: rlastra“at”

Tammi Lightle
Registration Manager
E-mail: tlightle“at”

Jennezel Peneda
Web and Production Associate
E-mail: jpeneda“at”

Scot Sweazy
Conference Assistant
E-mail: ssweazy“at”

Fatima Tayag
Grants and CME Coordinator
E-mail: ftayag“at”

Cristin Toth
Director, CME Programs
E-mail: ctoth“at”

Michelle Valderama
Production and Web Manager
E-mail: mvalderama“at”