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Faculty Profile

Dr Douek received his medical degree from the Universities of Oxford and London, and then a PhD in Immunology from the University of London. He is an internationally recognized authority on human immunology. His work on the roles of the thymus and of the gut in HIV infection has established new paradigms concerning the factors that determine HIV disease progression which have changed clinical practice and significantly contributed to efforts aimed at effective HIV vaccines and a cure for HIV infection. He was given the World AIDS Day award in 2007, the NIH Director’s Award in 2008 and was recognized as one of the world’s top 50 scientists by Scientific American in 2005. Dr Douek is Chief of the Human Immunology Section at the Vaccine Research Center of the National Institutes of Health.


Webcasts of the The Clinical Pathway Track of the 2016 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment

An Advanced CME Live Course in HIV Pathogenesis, Antiretrovirals, and Other Selected Issues in HIV Disease Management